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Once your manuscript is written, edited and proofread, you will now need to get it ready for the printing stage. In order to achieve this, you will need to find a professional ‘typesetter’ to typeset your book for you.

On this page, we will explain what typesetting is, and how you can use our in-house typesetters to get your book print-ready within just a few days.


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    Typesetting is the process of ‘laying’ the text and font in your brand or style in preparation for print. This is usually created in a PDF document which is hi-resolution in size and ‘ready to print’. Most typesetters will use either Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator to typeset your book.
    Unless you are qualified and trained in the use of these tools, we strongly recommend you use a professional graphic designer to do the work for you.


    Don’t try to do it yourself. Leave it to an expert and pay for a competent outsourcer to do the work for you.

    Use or our in-house typesetting team to do the work for you.

    You will generally pay a typesetter based on the page count of your book.

    Make the typesetter’s job as simple as possible. Write in paragraphs that are the same as you want them to appear in your book.

    Specify the font size and font style you want the typeset document to be created in.
    Send the typesetter the book cover design and ask them to typeset the book in the same branding/style as your front book cover.
    To save time, use the same graphic designer to do both the book cover design and the typesetting.

    Speak to your chosen printing company beforehand, and ask them for the required typeset specifications.

    Once you receive the typeset document back from the typesetter, make sure you thoroughly check the document before you send it off for printing. In the majority of cases, the typesetter will make mistakes.
    Make sure you send the typesetter any images or illustrations in hi-resolution 300 dpi.
    When deciding on a style to get your book typeset in, take a look at other books in the same genre to give you some ideas/inspiration.


    We strongly recommend you consider using a professional typesetter to typeset your book for you. Not only will this save time, it will also save you problems further down the line when you come to get your book printed.

    If you do decide to hire a typesetter to carry out the work for you, use the following sample job description as a template for hiring them on websites such as

    You can download a copy of the above sample job description by visiting our DOCUMENTS CENTRE.