All-In-One Book Publishing Package

Get your book published in super-fast time by the award-winning
Book Publishing Academy team.

(Includes book cover design, typesetting, Kindle conversion, Amazon upload, implementation of the royalty payment system and 100 printed copies of your book)

Are you at the very start of your publishing journey? Fantastic, everyone has to start from somewhere. Luckily, we’re here to help. Along with offering individual services, we also offer an incredible All-In-One Book Publishing Package. Take a look below, to see what this includes!

Book Cover Design

Every book needs a fantastic design. Even if you have great content, your book will get nowhere if people aren’t impressed by the cover. Here at the Book Publishing Academy, we have access to world class designers, with high levels of experience in creating book covers. Here are a few examples of the type of cover that our designers have created, for other aspiring writers such as yourself:

Under the book cover design part of our package, you’ll receive the following:


Typesetting is the process of getting a book ready for print. From general tasks such as adding margins around the pages, to making tables, inserting images and smartening up the font – this is no easy job. Luckily, our team of professional designers are experts in this field, and can make your book file look absolutely sensational when it’s uploaded to Amazon.

Under the typesetting part of our package, you’ll receive the following:

Kindle Conversion

Nowadays, the Kindle digital market is huge. This means that having your book out on Amazon Kindle is invaluable. As part of our publishing package, we’ll convert your book to .epub and .mobi. Using the same design skills as in the previous stages, our designers will make your Kindle file look absolutely fantastic.

Under the Kindle conversion part of our package, you’ll receive the following:

Amazon Upload

If you’ve ever tried to upload a book to Amazon, you’ll know that it’s pretty tricky. From getting the size right, to passing the review process, and HTML, the Amazon upload process is a bit of a minefield for new authors. Luckily, we’re experts in this field. Having uploaded/submitted hundreds of books to Amazon Createspace, Advantage and Kindle, we’ll know exactly what to do with your work, and the correct way to upload it. So, if you don’t fancy navigating the complex process yourself, then we are happy to do it for you.

Book Printing

Here at the Book Publishing Academy, we have access to fantastic UK based printers. This means that, as part of the All-In-One Publishing Package, we can offer you 100 copies of your book! All you have to do is send us a book that’s 200 pages or less in length, and you’ll have your printed copies in no time at all. With a rapid, ten-day turnaround time, and top level printing quality, this is something that no other UK publisher can give you.

Along with all of this, here are some other services that we can quote for, on top of the All-In-One Publishing Package!

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The All-In-One Book Publishing Package

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Bespoke Publishing Programme

Naturally, we understand that not everyone will be right at the start of their publishing journey. Some of you may be further along than others, and that’s okay too! Here at the Book Publishing Academy, we are able to offer a BESPOKE publishing programme quote, just for you!

Simply drop us an email with your answers to the following questions and we will be in touch soon with a quote for the bespoke service:

How much of your book have you written?

Give us a brief overview of your book and its topic/subject.

Looking at the above list of services, which ones do you need us to do? Which ones have you already taken care of?

Don’t forget, send your answers to the above questions to us at and we will be in touch soon with a quote!